Designers and craftsmen
for culinary creativity

The Studio Balbosté team creates strong, original, and personalized culinary territories. Our global culinary design approach allows us to deploy our creations in various fields and at different points of contact invested by our clients.

d Culinary creation

We develop exclusive and unique recipes, attaching particular importance to the graphic and visual language. We start with a brief from our clients: to be in line with a communication campaign, a colour or a packaging; to integrate and stage an ingredient, a scent, a texture; to extend the universe of a product, a collection, an exhibition. Our pieces are always in line with our clients' desire to make the culinary experience a fully-fledged element of their communication and activations, whether they are event-based, digital, social or influential.


d Activations

We design operations around our culinary creations: from experiences for journalists or influencers, workshops, collaborations with artists, a pop-up in a department store corner or a café, to social media content. Our culinary creations allow our clients to get their message across and surprise a demanding and highly sought-after audience. The viral and shareable potential of our activations is also at the heart of our concerns to support the organic amplification of these operations. 


d  Events and experiences

Our culinary creations are fully expressed during events. To achieve this, we design experiences in which every detail is thought out: setting, tailor-made tray support, buffet design, interactive and participative experiences, dress code for waiters and waitresses, service rituals, communication support. And we produce all these dimensions operationally. 

d Product creation

We design food products from start to finish: recipe research, development, manufacturing of prototypes and even pre-production. We think about culinary objects by integrating product design, concept, packaging, identity, and consumption ritual. We apply our unique method to our food; clients who want to extend their existing product range or revisit it, to those who want to enter the food industry, or to any brand who wants to create a unique object. We also develop our own Balbosté products which we sell on our website or during pop-ups.


d Design and packaging

Amongst the many details that make up a successful experience, packaging and graphic design are of particular interest to us. We create the packaging and the graphic identity that enhance and sublimate the creations. To arouse curiosity before unboxing, to explain a creative approach or the origin of an ingredient, to create a menu... we develop all the media, including manufacturing and printing.


d Design and Styling Set

In the search for definition of a culinary identity, the set design is a very important component. We look for the right materials and objects, collaborate with artists or craftsmen, and think about the space and the circulation of people. This approach applies to our events as well as to the photo shoots we are entrusted with.

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The team

Our team has been built up through meetings, friendships, complementarities, projects, and collaborations. United by the same desire to create and give shape to these ideas, meet together in our creative studio, the chefs, the designers, the craftsmen, the pastry chefs, the photographers, the graphic designers, and the scenographers... it is this multidisciplinary spirit that makes it possible to emerge iconoclastic, unexpected ideas, with a global vision.


Charlotte Sitbon

Founder and Creative Director


Jun Yeo







Senior Project Manager


Sayaka Kaneko

Co-Founder and Food Director






3D Designer



Project Manager


Jonathan Espinasse

Partner and Managing Director



Chef - Pastry chef