Balbosté imagined a dinner-experience for Loewe's top 25 global clients. Invited to discover the brand's fashion show during the March 2022 Fashion Week, the guests then went to the Manufacture de Sèvres for a unique dinner under the sign of craftsmanship.

Event production, Culinary creation, Experience, Scenography, Event.
Set-Designer : Samuel Begis

The 12-metre long table, entirely made to measure in the spirit of a ceramic sculpture, was built in the workshop and then assembled on site in the large glass roof of the Manufacture de Sèvres. It is decorated with elements (steam baskets, cloches, cones), some of which are sealed into the table. The handiwork of the craftsmen is visible on the table: brushstrokes, imperfections, coating.

Red fruit leather flowers
Main course imagined by Chef Robert Mendoza: Pollack with hollandaise sauce, draped with marinated turnips
Lotus chips nestled right on the table
Salt and spices are arranged for each guest in a hidden food alcove.
Terrine of Green Vegetables and Tapioca Pearls

The installation blends into the decor: the glass roof with ceramic moulds. The table required more than 120 hours of work by Samuel Begis (set designer) and his team, and had to be assembled directly in the room. 


When the guests arrive, the entire table is immaculately white, with the food hidden by the ceramic elements.

With a single movement, the maître d'hôtel reveals the buffet to the guests and naturally invites them to start tasting, sometimes standing, sometimes sitting.