Louis Vuitton - Virgil Abloh

Louis Vuitton wanted to pay tribute to its designer Virgil Abloh during the June 2022 fashion week. Balbosté imagined pieces inspired by his iconic shows and his extraordinary personality. These creations were offered to the 400 guests of the Vendome boutique, the day before the show.

Culinary creation, Event, 3D printing

To recreate the parade of the Place Dauphine, we designed and 3D printed custom-made trays. The top of the lamp post is edible, made of 3D chocolate, encrusted with pineapple fruit paste.


Virgil Abloh nonchalantly sitting at a café terrace in Place Dauphine, imagining his next fashion show... That's the inspiration behind this entirely edible tray, 3D printed cups and glasses, filled with chocolate ganache, pistachio and red fruit jam. 

Colorful mini tacos with fermented vegetables
Tuiles and candied shower potato
Tomato and radish pickles onigiris
Salted shortbread, parmesan cream and goji berry
Tapioca pearl tile, and 20-spice tuna pie.