Our Activities


Event production

Design and overall production of events and experiences: creative concept, scenography of spaces, artistic installations, layout and construction, production management and stage management.


Culinary and sensory experiences

Designing experiences, dinners and customised cocktails for brands. Creation and production of original catering items or menus, set design, decoration, service ritual.


Culinary creation

Development of exclusive recipes with a unique graphic language based on a colour, a theme, or a motif.



Design of operations around our culinary creations: experiences for journalists and influencers, pop-up and residency, workshops, collaborations with artists, social media content.


Design and Styling Set

Research and definition of a culinary identity for gastronomic brands or actors. Creation of recipes for photo shoots.


Product creation

Research, development and manufacturing of food and beverage products. Design and production of packaging and identity. Manufacturing advice.

Our expertise

Transforming an ephemeral pleasure of the senses into a memorable experience.

Our creations are the starting point of a story or a message for our clients. Each piece or product reveals and highlights a facet of the brands we work for.


Designers and craftsmen at the service of culinary creativity

Our designers, chefs, graphic artists, food stylists, pastry chefs and scenographers skillfully combine their know-how to create pieces, objects, products, and installations that make a lasting impression.